The Dreams we Share

Two dreams. One summer. An unexpected love story.


The world is full of wonders. That’s what my father taught me. And that’s something Josh has absolutely no clue about.

Granted, he’s strong. Stronger than I’ll ever be. Because he fights for his dream while I’ve long given up on mine. As a star pianist, he’s even nominated for the International Music Award this year. But at the same time, he’s so afraid of his five-year-old daughter that he hired me as a nanny.

Josh is peculiar. And honestly, he should mean nothing to me. But when he plays the piano, I still wish he would do it just for me.

This man touches my heart. But I can’t allow that.

Because within me lie memories that must never be awakened. And slowly, I realize that he could be the one to do exactly that.


The story of a unique love amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Europe. Beautiful enough to make you cry, full of drama, intense emotions, and happiness.


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