The Sky we Seek

Two hearts. One mistake. A single truth, that changes everything.

I long to escape back to the city. I should be saving lives in a prestigious hospital, immersed in the bustling city. However, due to a fatal mistake, I am forced to complete my medical training in a rural practice deep within the mountains.

Here, there is nothing but silence. And Noah. From the outside, he is like the mountains—unapproachable and rugged. But deep inside, I am certain he is vulnerable and gentle. Even though he keeps his distance, I feel that fate may have brought us together here, in the middle of nowhere.

But what if I fall for the wrong man again? I cannot bear another disappointment, so I guard my heart closely. Especially since he is my patient, making him off-limits if I want to hold onto this job…


A touching romance novel set in a small town against the majestic backdrop of the mountains. A tale to savor and fall in love with – brimming with depth and hope …


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