The Stars we Chase

One story. Two secrets. And too many broken hearts.

I promised my father that I would never return to Sweden. Not to tell a soul who I am. And above all, that my shadows of yesterday remain secret. Forever.

For six years, I kept my word. But now, I am back. Because there is my father, dying after an accident, and his fashion empire – which he never intended to entrust to me. This is my chance. Finally, I can fight for the tomorrow that seemed lost long ago.

But there is also Kjell.

With his words, he touches my heart so deeply that I wish I could confess who I am and how much my past torments me. It could be the beginning of something beautiful – if it weren’t for the promise I made to my father. I cannot let Kjell get close to me. I must learn to live with my broken heart.


A moving story about big dreams, false truths, and the question of what truly matters in life.


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