The Dance we Remember

An emotional novel about romance, the pursuit of happiness, and facing your fears.


Two broken hearts. One reunion. A love story without an end.

Every storm comes to an end someday. I’ve always wanted to believe that, but for almost five years now, I’ve been trying to put my past behind me. I want to erase every kiss, every touch and every one of my terrible mistakes from my memory.

But above all, I must forget Maxime.

My heart belongs to him alone, but we can never see each other again. Until today, I was sure he wouldn’t find me here on the French Atlantic coast. But suddenly, after all these years, we face each other, and I realize that he will leave me no choice.

He will force me to tell him exactly what he must never know: the one truth that will destroy his life as well.


It’s impossible not to be moved by this love story. It makes you think about your life and gives you hope.


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