The Dance we Remember

Two broken hearts. One reunion. A love story without an end.

Every storm comes to an end someday. That’s what I always wanted to believe. But for almost five years now, I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to leave my past behind. I want to erase every kiss, every touch, and every one of my terrible mistakes from my memory.

But above all, I need to forget Maxime.

My heart belongs to him alone, yet we can never see each other again. Until today, I was sure he wouldn’t find me here on the French Atlantic coast. However, suddenly, after all these years, we are facing each other, and I realize he won’t give me a choice.

He will force me to tell him exactly what he must never know: that one truth that will destroy his life.


The touching story of a love that should never have ended. Deeply emotional and heartfelt – full of longing, tenderness, and hope.


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