The Colors we Desire

Two lives. One destiny. An unforgettable journey.

I used to think dreams were meant to be lived. And that love should feel like carrying sparklers within oneself. Today, I know that these notions exist only in my imagination. At least, that’s what I thought.

But now, suddenly, there is Vico – the enigmatic man with the peculiar lifestyle, who has the power to ignite small fires within me with just a glance. This feeling is beautiful. And at the same time, so wrong that it can never be right.

Because even if I weren’t here in Tuscany, about to purchase Vico’s family estate together with my boyfriend. And even if Vico could fall in love – of all people, with the woman who is on the verge of taking away his home.

Even then, it would be impossible. Dreams simply cannot come true. Or can they?

A moving love story set against the unique backdrop of Italy. Full of profound emotions and depth – Emotional until the very last page


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